Emoji Story- Week 4 Task

There is a difference between the world we live in and the world of the dead. The “people” there aren’t normal. They live to frighten little children at night. They want to hear them scream in terror. They sometimes even kill them. If they do, then the child will go directly to the world of the dead to become someone horrible, just like their killer. The killers are called “ink.”

When they creep into the child’s room during mid-night they do something completely terrifying. They first, find a place to hide out while they aren’t horrifying the child. Then, they’ll make their way to wherever the person is at. Gradually they start to scratch the wall, say creepy things, turn the tv to statick, and shake the bed, ect. They do this so they can get into the child’s head. After the minor actions they transfer to the more intense behaviors that make the children scream till they can’t talk anymore. Doing this includes, getting super close to their face and growling, scratching their bodies, and spitting on them, ect. Those things is what scars the children for life.

So for now on lock your bedroom doors and windows. Be prepared for ink. Also try your hardest not to let them scare you or else they can kill you, to turn you into someone like them.



For the Flip

Icing my muscles,

sore from the day before.

Fixing my hair, changing my outfit.

Preparing for today.


I stretch my aching body,

throughout my warm up.

I chalk my hands and feet.

Eliminating the slick sweat nervousness brings.


Walking to the flat floor,

Mentally preparing myself on the way.

Knots in my stomach

Wake me, more aware.


Arrived at the surface,

with that nervous feeling present.

Hoping I can manage.

Hoping I can impress.


Everything happens so fast.

run, spring, propel, flip, twist, stick

With a nearly perfect score,

Glad to see the crowd cheering!